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Sip your liqueurs and munch your mints whilst Susan tells you some of Edinburgh's fascinating and rather messy past. This is after dinner speaking with a difference - not a motivational ruminator, corporate raider or sportsperson, but a very funny woman with a particular penchant for the peculiarities of the past.

It's where history meets comedy - and one of them gets a nasty disease.

Susan's speciality is not just the history of Edinburgh, but the messy bits - the bits they definitely don't tell you at school ! If history is the new rock and roll, then this is the karaoke version. Sex, drugs and Mary, Queen of Scots, it's all here.

  • How did a Lady of the Night advertise in the 18th century?
  • Where was the first leisure centre in Leith?
  • Who made - and who wore - a merkin?
  • What's a merkin ?
  • And why did men fear small, silver umbrellas?

The combination of slimy history and high-voltage humour makes this a great way to end a good dinner. Not only will you laugh, you'll learn something - although Susan is at great pains to point out that learning anything will be a complete accident.

Of course, it doesn't have to be history. Or even Edinburgh based, or even dinner! Susan's career(s) across ramshackle cinemas, telecommunications giants and comedy clubs give her plenty of material to generate a good laugh. And science has proved that a laughter definitely improves digestion.

So, if you are a motivational ruminator, corporate raider, sportsperson, ladies club or just a group of visitors and you fancy letting someone else do the talking at the end of your dinner, or brightening up your afternoon, or bringing your training session/event to a close with a bit mirth and merriment, get in touch.


Susan Morrison


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